Thank you for stopping by. Please sit back and scroll through the various photos. The 24 years I have been photographing life is a culmination of travel, point of view and circumstances. My adventurous personality and state of mind often leads me to see the most spectacular views; those are the views that I enjoy capturing. recent past I have been published  in USTA magazine and my photos are consistently being used in various advertising and publications for the Masters Series and Women's Tennis Series here in Cincinnati, along with other online web publications. My photos and photoshop work has won various entry's and received various honorable mentions in local and national contest. Early in my career I mainly shot freelance for various news paper publicans while exploring my journalistic inspirations.

I currently shoot many events including AVP, ATP, IRL Series, BUSCH Series Racing, ARCA Series, weddings, portraits, stock photography, media-editorial and modeling/ fashion.

Point of View:

Photography in itself can be so subjective to the eye of the beholder. I have tried to be the least objective viewer, although I find myself being the most critical of all. My attempts at perfection are met with many challenges...


While nothing is perfect, nor should it be, I want to share with the observer of my photos a story; the excitement, the tranquility, the inspiration of it all.


I look forward to the inspiration you will undoubtedly invoke in me, as I view your photo, through my lens.



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